It was difficult for me to admit I needed help running my own life. And why would I want a stranger telling me what I should do next? I had tried career management books, complaining to coworkers, and frustrating online job searches, but nothing was changing. I wanted results, not therapy sessions; and the thought of returning from another vacation to the exhausting monotony of my career led me to a tipping point. What did I have to lose?
I researched Life Coaching, and found that Belle’s international experience and calm, reasonable approach were a comfortable fit for my goals. After our first meeting, I was hooked. Her fresh perspective, innovative visualizations, and profound questions allowed me the safe space to organize my thoughts and personal priorities. Within 3 months, I was promoted into a role that leverages my strengths and allows creativity in Corporate America – something I never thought possible.
If you keep running in the same frustrating loop over and over, try one session with Belle. I only wish I had hired her sooner.

--- Dorothy, Recently Promoted Industrial Engineering Manager, International Shipping

I was a little nervous when I started my 1st session of coaching. I'm a student and looking for some advice from Belle for my career choice. In fact, Belle has been very open and a very good listener.  I feel completely safe and encouraging when I talk to her. I realized my work is not just a work, it should serve my purpose of life. I feel grateful that I met Belle in my young age, so that I can clarify my 'cloudy mind' and make a conscious decision. It means a lot to a fresh graduate-to-be like me. 

Due to the distance and time difference we have, we can only use Skype for the session. But I'm very happy with the results we had, long distance is not a problem at all.  Now I really look forward to meeting Belle in person when she comes to Beijing next time. 

--- Alex, soon to be graduated from medical school.

I was lost, and tried different ways to get me out of this lost feeling, such as Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness...etc. It didn't really work out, until I met Coach Belle. She was not only being nice, but also challenging and asking very powerful questions which made me think deeper and deeper. She drove me to read my heart, not my mind. My heart was touched, and I realized all these saboteur voices can't be louder than my inner voice. Belle provided me some fresh perspectives, that helps me to calm down in this fast paced world. I sincerely appreciate that she helped me getting out of the 'lost' zone, and find myself back on track. Belle is amazing!

--- Sarah, CEO, eCommerce

It’s often said that the real impact of coaching occurs after the actual session, when the client processes and integrates their learning and action.  Belle leverages her highly curious and deeply intuitive self to ask those provocative questions, which not only have a profound impact *in* the session, but also resonates for days and weeks later… 

I know this first hand, because I wrote down and posted on my wall two of her most stimulating questions; reviewing them daily for months, ultimately making a radical decision.  I will forever be grateful for her challenging my status quo.”   

--- Karen, Executive Coach, CPCC

I brought a heavy body into the coaching session with Belle, came out light and lifted. It's really important for me to feel comfortable with my coach, and  Belle definitely made me feel so. She listens without any judgement, and she tell the truth that I've been avoiding. There's a story in life that sometimes we need an expert to help us figure out what exactly is happening, and get some good advice. As the end of the day, she helped me find my positive back.  I look forward to many possibility to come.

--- Priscilla, Senior Sales Manager