Prepare yourself before the coaching session

Here I'm going to give you some very practical tips to prepare yourself for the coaching sessions, especially for the 1st session. 

Firstly, answer the questionnaire that I send you. This questionnaire contains quite some questions that you don't ask yourself often. Take some quality time, think thoroughly and complete the questionnaire. It is also a way for you to collect some points that resonate to you. 

Then, remember the resonance you've got from there. Feel your heart and feel the urge where/which topic that you want to talk most. That is where we will start.

Don't be nervous or try to think about how to explain me your answers. I will NOT go through the questions one by one and give you a score...NO NO NO! I will completely be open, and let you tell me what you really think and who you really are. This is an opportunity for me to get to know you as an unique person with your own way of seeing the world.

What we will build is a relationship with space, courageous and acceptance.  Ultimately this relationship will empower you to achieve your goals. 

Remember, a powerful relationship is not built on being nice; it's built on being real.  

Look forward to meeting you...

Coach Belle