Embrace Change

10 sessions



No matter if you are just starting a new job, or moving to a new country, change can be difficult and can often make us a little lost... I'm going to help you bring back the clarity and make you grounded again so you can tackle the change head-first.


New Leader

8 sessions



Are you still the stereotypical leader with a conservative mindset, asserting your authority? It's not only uncool, but it undermines and demotivates those around you. The next generation of leaders tackle leadership in a different way, placing the emphasis on developing their people and creating a stimulating and assertive work environment. I dedicate this package to those who are interested in becoming this type of leader. I will give a fresh perspective, a unique set of challenges and help you develop into a conducive, effective leader.  


Marketer Rocks

6 sessions


I am a marketer and I'm proud to be one. I poured my heart and soul into this program aimed at helping all marketers to achieve what they're perusing in this dynamic field. This program would be more mentoring and sharing compared to personal coaching sessions. It’s a more creative program, where we can brainstorm and use our combined experience to reach your objectives.



Tailor made program defined by you



This program is all about YOU. Your objective, your agenda, your commitment. This program is also about how you will use ME as a coach. Based on my experiences, my knowledge and my skills, we’ll determine how I can serve you best. Take a look at About Me and together we will design this program for the ultimate results.


Trial Session

20 minutes, via Skype/Zoom


For those who're interested to try coaching. Please feel free to book a trial session. I'll give you a free session to experience the magic power of coaching. All you need to do is to install Skype or Zoom and share me your ID, we will connect!


Fees and logistic information:

  • Fee:  150 USD /EUR or 560 AED per session
  • Program subscribers will get 20% off if full amount is pre-paid.
  • Coaching sessions can be conducted through: 1-on-1 meeting, Skype, Zoom or WebEx online calls. Please note clients will be charged for any additional phone costs.