about me

Coach Belle (CPCC)

What can I say about myself? I’m passionate about inspiring others and being a part of my client’s journey to a fulfilled life.  

Originating from Beijing, China, I moved to the UK to study and complete my Master’s degree from the University of Surrey. While working on the High Street, I dreamed about a career in fashion and began studying Fashion Design.

Once I finished my studies, I returned to Beijing and settled into adult life with my first proper job as a Marketing Researcher. After discovering that a career in numbers was not my calling, I resigned from my job and returned to chasing my ‘Devil Wears Prada’ dream of a job in fashion. I gained experience in PR, marketing communications, retail development and endless office dramas.

After 6 years of working in high-stress roles, I decided it was time to make a change and move to a healthier environment. Luckily I landed a job as brand manager in a highly reputable, international company. And on top of that, I met Mr. M.

Mr M is Swiss, so I left Beijing and followed my heart to Switzerland. After two years, we were given the opportunity to move to Dubai. Our hearts longing for adventure, we accepted this offer and are now both happily living and working in Dubai; me as a full-time marketer and off-work-time professional life coach. Coaching has really opened my eyes; and my heart. I’ve witnessed so many beautiful souls find their purpose and chase their dreams.

Now it's time to chase my dreams. My life purpose expressed in a metaphor: I am the filmmaker, who inspires people to live their lives. 

Come meet me, get inspired, and start your new life... 



Ways of contact

Email: belle@coachbelle.com

Skype/Twitter: Belle Yin

Instagram: belleyin930